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    • The (Literary) Special Effect: (Inter)Mediality in the Contemporary US-American Novel and the Digital Age 

      Kazur, Bogna (2020-11-20)
      In order to identify new forms and practices of novel-based intermediality, the study proceeds from a necessarily broad understanding of film culture in the digital age. One essential point is that film arrives at a new ...
    • Through Fiction's Mirror 

      Ella, Jan-Erik (2018-09-05)
      This dissertation analyses how neo-Victorian fiction seizes upon 19th century taboo topics such as sexuality or gender. By examining key texts ranging from novellas to graphic novels and applying Julia Kristeva's concept ...
    • "My sense of my own identity is bound up with the past" 

      Koch, Jessica (2014-02-06)
      For quite a long time women have been denied their rightful place in history as historiography has predominantly focused on men. To fill in this gap in historiography and shed a light on the female past, women writers have ...