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    • Differential Subject Marking in Georgian 

      Berikashvili, Svetlana (2024-01-18)
      This thesis presents a novel account on Differential Subject Marking (DSM) in Georgian based on the current progress in minimalist syntax. It is an original contribution to a highly complex problem in Georgian Syntax and ...
    • Komposita-Erstglieder – Untersuchungen zur anaphorischen Zugänglichkeit 

      Rößler, Stefanie (2018-11-14)
      Pronominal references to the first constituent of compounds are usually considered unacceptable and the first constituents are therefore described as inaccessible. This thesis argues for a scale for acceptability and ...
    • Interaktion und Interpretation in russischsprachigen Threads 

      Böhnisch, Genia (2018-10-08)
      The following dissertation deals with issues concerning interaction and interpretation in russian forum threads and compares the findings with results and assumptions made for oral communication. Important questions are : ...