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    • Zur Herkunft von ostseefinnisch õ 

      Mattsson, Katja (2021-11-11)
      Based on the vowel inventory in the first syllable, the Balto-finnic languages can be divided into two groups: the southern (North and South Estonian, Votic and Livonian) with the back vowel õ [ɤ] and the northern (Finnish, ...
    • Latein als Medium sprachlichen Handelns in Ciceros Briefen an Terentia 

      Nickel, Silke (2020-12-02)

      On the basis of a pragmalinguistic or speech-act-theoretical approach, it is demonstrated, using CIC. fam. 14, how Latin worked practically as a medium of (written) linguistic action.

      For this purpose three ...

    • Selected features of Bactrian Grammar 

      Gholami, Saloumeh (2012-09-10)
      No study has been specifically devoted to the Bactrian grammar. The present thesis is the first work on this topic. This study includes a limited set of topics which were relatively unknown or which could show the unique ...
    • Die Verneinung im Estnischen: Zum Abbau des finiten Verneinungsverbs im älteren Schriftestnischen 

      Ziegelmann, Katja (2011-07-25)
      This thesis investigates the negation system of older written Estonian in order to uncover the reasons why, in the formation of the negated verb forms, Estonian deviates both from the closely ...