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    • Providence Island Sign Language in Interaction 

      Omardeen, Rehana (2023-12-15)
      This dissertation examines sign language in interaction in a small Caribbean community. Providence Island Sign Language, used among deaf and hearing residents of in Providence, Colombia (Spanish: Providencia), has been ...
    • Processing referential expressions in German Sign Language 

      Wienholz, Anne (2021-05-17)
      In sign languages, physically absent discourse referents are assigned manually and/or nonmanually to referential locations on the horizontal plane of the signing space. These locations can be used to refer back to the ...
    • The processing of German Sign Language sentences 

      Hosemann, Jana Alexandra (2015-07-17)
      Sign languages have often been the subject of imaging studies investigating the underlying neural correlates of sign language processing. To the contrary, much less research has been conducted on the time-course of sign ...
    • Discourse Comprehension in L1 and L2 

      Kohlstedt, Tatiana (2015-02-09)
      The present dissertation contributes to the research on bilingual language processing by investigating the influence of increasing discourse context on the semantic processing of words by advanced learners of German (L2) ...