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    • Through Fiction's Mirror 

      Ella, Jan-Erik (2018-09-05)
      This dissertation analyses how neo-Victorian fiction seizes upon 19th century taboo topics such as sexuality or gender. By examining key texts ranging from novellas to graphic novels and applying Julia Kristeva's concept ...
    • Playgoing in Early Modern London After Shakespeare (1616-1642) 

      Tröger, Tim-Christoph (2016-09-21)
      The central aim of this thesis was firstly to reconstruct the socio-cultural field within which dramatic plays were originally produced between the year of Shakespeare's death in 1616 and the fatal closure of all playhouses ...
    • Zeit/Geschichte: Amerikanische Alternate Histories nach 9/11 

      Otten, Birte (2016-01-19)
      Post-9/11 Alternate Histories explores the mainstreaming of the alternate history genre against the backdrop of the public discourse that emerged in the United States following the attacks of September 11, 2001. The study ...
    • "My sense of my own identity is bound up with the past" 

      Koch, Jessica (2014-02-06)
      For quite a long time women have been denied their rightful place in history as historiography has predominantly focused on men. To fill in this gap in historiography and shed a light on the female past, women writers have ...