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    • Arbeitsteilung der Eltern 

      Gerum, Magdalena (2021-12-10)
      Family sociological research has so far neglected the importance of child age as an explanation of how parents divide up gainful employment, housework and childcare. It is obvious, however, that an ...
    • Ursachen früher gesundheitlicher Ungleichheiten und ihre schulischen Folgen 

      Becker, Sten (2018-03-23)
      Origin-related educational inequalities are now well documented, but are still poorly understood in terms of the underlying mechanisms. To explain the social and ethnic inequalities in educational success, empirical ...
    • Assimilation Over the Life Course? 

      Hartmann, Jörg (2016-05-24)
      In recent years, migration and migrant assimilation have returned to the center of public debate in Germany, and as the number of immigrants has risen steadily, the insights of migration scholars into migrant assimilation ...
    • Why to Change Job(s)? 

      Tanwar, Jagriti (2015-11-23)
      India has been undergoing a socio-economic transformation over the last two decades. One of the most impressive and visible changes has been the growing presence of girls and women in schools, colleges, universities, ...