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    • Arbeitsteilung der Eltern 

      Gerum, Magdalena (2021-12-10)
      Family sociological research has so far neglected the importance of child age as an explanation of how parents divide up gainful employment, housework and childcare. It is obvious, however, that an ...
    • Opening the Black Box 

      Dai, Lianghao (2020-06-05)
      This doctoral dissertation teases out how scientific knowledge in interdisciplinary collaborative teams is learned, shared and integrated in scientists' minds and in their daily interpersonal communications. This work is ...
    • Strafwirkungen und Rückfall - Lässt sich mit Hilfe prozesserzeugter Daten der Strafrechtspflege der spezialpräventive Anspruch des Strafrechts prüfen? 

      Hohmann-Fricke, Sabine (2014-06-10)
      Individual prevention – meant as the reduction of recidivism via rehabilitation, deterrence and incapacitation – is seen as one of the most important tasks of criminal justice. In contrast to this the labeling approach ...
    • Erwerbstätig oder Hausfrau? 

      Ochoa Fernández, Esther (2013-06-20)
      Over the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s the female employment in Europe increased while simultaneously there was a decline of male employment. However in spite of the policy change towards an “adult worker model” women are more ...
    • Biographische Bildungs-und Individualisierungsprozesse in Suedkorea 

      Kang, Ewha (2012-01-17)
      The biographical procedures of individualization as well as Adult education in South Korea, which have been dealt with in this dissertation, embrace both biographical educational concepts ...