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    • 文言因素在早期現代書面漢語中的留存與發展 

      Ni, Lingling (2022-05-10)
      This dissertation aims to investigate the retention and development of elements of pre-modern written language in modern (post-1919) Chinese written language. In the history of the development of modern Chinese, in the ...
    • Closer to the self while far from home 

      Jiang, Lili (2022-01-04)
      This dissertation explores the changing identity and sense of belonging of a group of master’s students from the People’s Republic of China during their stay in Germany. Its main purpose is to understand how the students ...
    • Between Faith and Truth: The Historiography of Buddhism in Modern China (1902-1965) 

      Peng, Qinqin (2021-11-29)
      The historiography of Buddhism 佛教史學) in modern China develops under the influence of modernity and amidst dramatic transformations in the Chinese intellectual world. It combines the philological tradition of Evidential ...