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    • Essays on Inference in Linear Mixed Models 

      Kramlinger, Peter (2020-05-11)
      This work addresses two aspects of inference in linear mixed models. It is based on two manuscripts, which are provided as addenda. The first manuscript deals with the distinction between marginal and conditional multiple ...
    • Partial Least Squares for Serially Dependent Data 

      Singer, Marco (2016-09-12)
      In the first paper we consider the partial least squares algorithm for dependent data and study the consequences of ignoring the dependence both theoretically and numerically. Ignoring nonstationary dependence structures ...
    • Empirical Bayesian Smoothing Splines for Signals with Correlated Errors: Methods and Applications 

      Rosales Marticorena, Luis Francisco (2016-08-12)
      Smoothing splines is a well stablished method in non-parametric statistics,  although the selection of the smoothness degree of the regression function is rarely addressed and, instead, a two times differentiable function, ...
    • A unified framework for spline estimators 

      Schwarz, Katsiaryna (2013-07-09)
      This dissertation develops a uni ed framework to study the (asymptotic) properties of all (periodic) spline based estimators, that is of regression, penalized and smoothing splines. The explicit form of the periodic ...