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    • Scientific Workflow Execution Using a Dynamic Runtime Model 

      Erbel, Johannes (2022-07-18)
      Research projects consist of several kinds of steps covering, e.g., individual procedures to gather data, as well as different ways to process and analyze it. Moreover, the individual steps of the project consist of a ...
    • Quality Assessment and Quality Improvement for UML Models 

      Jalbani, Akhtar Ali (2011-03-01)
      Models defined using the UML are nowadays a common part of software documentation, specification and sometimes even implementation. However, there is a broad variety in how UML is used. ...
    • A UML Based Methodology for the Development of Web Services 

      Dahman, Wafi (2010-08-06)
      Web services are currently one of the most important technologies for enabling an effective communication between and within distributed systems. The Web services technology relies on widely ...