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    • Resource Management for Efficient, Scalable and Resilient Network Function Chains 

      Kulkarni, Sameer G. (2018-08-10)
      Networks, the basis of the modern connected world, have evolved beyond the con- nectivity services. Network Functions (NFs) or traditionally the middleboxes are the basis of realizing different types of services such as ...
    • Data-Driven Network Analysis and Applications 

      Tao, Narisu (2016-01-08)
      Data is critical for scientific research and engineering systems. However, data collection procedures are often subject to high cost or heavy loss rate. It is challenging to accurately estimate missing or unobserved data ...
    • Dynamic Resource Scheduling in Cloud Data Center 

      Zhang, Yuan (2015-10-26)
      Cloud infrastructure provides a wide range of resources and services to companies and organizations, such as computation, storage, database, platforms, etc. These resources and services are used to power up and scale out ...