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    • Diophantine problems: inequalities and abelian varieties 

      Munkelt, Florian Maximilian (2023-11-10)
      In this thesis we consider the density of rational points near manifolds and a bound for the torsion on a simple abelian variety of type IV over a number field. In the first part the main result is an asymptotic for the ...
    • Rational points and lines on cubic hypersurfaces 

      Bernert, Christian (2023-10-02)
      We study the solubility of cubic diophantine equations. In the first chapter, we discuss the convergence of the singular series of a cubic form, which is a central object in the study of the solutions of the associated ...
    • Diophantine problems over global fields and a conjecture of Artin over function fields 

      Hochfilzer, Leonhard (2023-05-26)
      This thesis considers three diophantine problems over different global fields and Artin's primitive root conjecture over function fields. In the first chapter, which is a joint project with Christian Bernert, the main ...