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    • Adaptive numerical methods for optimal and branched transport problems 

      Minevich, Olga (2023-11-20)
      Optimal transport is an area of mathematical research that has been gaining popularity in recent years in various application fields such as economics, statistics or machine learning. Two important factors behind its ...
    • A Wasserstein-like Distance on Vector Fields 

      Sommer, Vincent (2023-10-06)
      We introduce a new distance on the space of vector fields over a Riemannian manifold that is motivated by the construction and properties of the Wasserstein distance. The construction relies on a particular metric on the ...
    • Statistical and Structural Aspects of Unbalanced Optimal Transport Barycenters 

      Heinemann, Florian (2022-10-20)
      Optimal transport (OT) has seen a stellar rise in interest and relevance in the past two decades. More recently, severe limitation of OT have started to surface. Two key factors prevent it from becoming a standard tool in ...