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    • All Ravens are Black—Formalisation and Computational Analysis of Generalising Statements in Natural Language 

      Dönicke, Tillmann (2024-05-16)
      This interdisciplinary thesis reviews and refines the concepts of generalisation and generalising statements (e.g. all ravens are black) as a phenomenon of human cognition and language. The main parts of the thesis target ...
    • Narrative Echoes across Time and Space 

      Pannach, Franziska Anne-Katrin (2024-02-16)
      Originating in mythological research, the Hylistic theory introduces hylemes as a basic plot unit, containing actions, states, or background information derived from a source. These statements are organized in hyleme ...
    • Modification Analysis in Historical Paraphrastical Parallel Text 

      Berger, Maria (2019-10-08)
      Clarifying the genesis of a passed down text is of outmost importance for many scholarly disciplines within the humanities such as history, literary studies, and Bible studies. The computational detection of such passed ...
    • Action-oriented Scene Understanding 

      Lüddecke, Timo (2019-09-20)
      In order to allow robots to act autonomously it is crucial that they do not only describe their environment accurately but also identify how to interact with their surroundings. While we witnessed tremendous progress in ...
    • Entity-Centric Text Mining for Historical Documents 

      Coll Ardanuy, Maria (2017-11-14)
      Recent years have seen an important increase of digitization projects in the cultural heritage domain. As a result, growing efforts have been directed towards the study of natural language processing technologies that ...