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    • Morphological instabilities in drying colloids 

      Kiatkirakajorn, Pree-cha (2018-10-15)
      The crystallization of hard sphere colloidal dispersions show a variation of phase behaviours, as the volume fraction of colloidal dispersions increases, particles transform from a liquid to a crystal state, which two ...
    • Microfluidic cells as a model 2D granular material 

      Fantinel, Paolo (2017-03-20)
      I have made quasi-2D granular analogs using microfabrication techniques common in microfluidics such as photo- and Soft Lithography. I have performed two kinds of experiments common in multiphase flow problems: drying and ...
    • Crack patterns on uneven substrates 

      Nandakishore, Pawan (2016-04-29)
      Cracks patterns are in uenced by the substrates beneath them. From buried craters to crocodile skin, crack patterns are found over an enormous range of length scales. Regardless of their scale, substrates can impart ...