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    • Conformational Dynamics of Living Polymers 

      Malek, Ali (2018-07-11)
      Polymerization is outstanding among chemical reaction processes due to its importance for technical applications as well as for an understanding of complex processes in living matters. In this thesis, we have studied the ...
    • Nanoscale pattern formation on ion-sputtered surfaces 

      Yasseri, Taha (2010-04-12)
      Self-organized, nano-scale structures appear on solid surfaces under ion beam irradiation with ion energies in the keV range. Within the last decade, surface engineering by ion beam sputtering ...
    • Rapid Determination of Protein Structures in Solution Using NMR Dipolar Couplings 

      Jung, Young-Sang (2005-04-06)
      Once NMR spectra are measured, two main steps follow to determine NMR structure. One is backbone resonance assignment and the other is structure calculation. The both are time consuming ...
    • Einfache Modelle für komplexe Biomembranen 

      Schultze, Hergen (2003-10-22)
      Biomembranes are complex two-dimensional fluids consisting of proteins and lipids. In this work, simple molecular models are developed, applied and discussed to describe the thermodynamic ...
    • Biomembranen an Grenzflächen und in synaptischer Geometrie 

      Binding, Volker (2001-02-22)
      Inhomogeneous distributions of ion channels are ubiquitous in biological membranes and important for many biological functions. Therefore many theoretical models have been set up, which try ...