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    • Modelling the evolution of small bipolar regions on the Sun 

      Hofer, Bernhard (2023-10-23)
      Solar activity affects life on Earth in various ways, from geomagnetic storms to the terrestrial climate. The driver of solar activity is the solar magnetic field, which manifests itself in the form of small and large-scale ...
    • Solar Variability over the Last 9000 Years 

      Wu, Chi-Ju (2018-08-31)
      The solar activity has been observed to vary at various time scales, of which the 11-year solar cycle is the most prominent one. Since the Sun provides the main external energy to the Earth, knowledge of solar variability ...
    • Analysis of historical solar observations and long-term changes in solar irradiance 

      Chatzistergos, Theodosios (2017-10-25)
      The Sun is the main external driver of Earth's climate. Various mechanisms of the solar influence on climate have been proposed. The debate is ongoing, but variation in the radiative flux of the Sun is among the main ...