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    • Optogenetic Control of Cardiac Arrhythmias 

      Hussaini, Sayedeh (2022-01-04)
      The regular, coordinated contraction of the heart muscle is orchestrated by periodic waves generated by the heart’s natural pacemaker and transmitted through the heart’s electrical conduction system. Abnormalities occurring ...
    • Multimodal high-resolution mapping of contracting intact Langendorff-perfused hearts 

      Schröder-Schetelig, Johannes (2021-01-21)
      The vital function of the heart during normal sinus rhythm relies on the spread of regular excitation waves within the cardiac muscle tissue, leading to an orderly contraction and efficient pumping action. These electrical ...
    • Characterization and Control of Wave Propagation in the Heart 

      Berg, Sebastian Stephan (2019-04-12)
      The heart is an excitable medium which supports the propagation of waves of electrical excitation. While these excitation waves enable the normal functioning of the heart, they also allow for self-sustained arrhythmic ...
    • Cardiac Arrhythmia Termination on the Vascular and Organ Scale 

      Hornung, Daniel (2014-11-11)
      Sudden cardiac death, caused by ventricular fibrillation, is a leading cause of mortality. To date, the only treatment is the delivery of a high-energy electrical shock through the heart, either externally or through ...