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    • Interactions Within and Between Cytoskeletal Filaments 

      Lorenz, Charlotta (2023-05-26)
      Cellular mechanics are determined by the cytoskeleton which consists of three different kind of biopolymers – actin filaments, microtubules and intermediate filaments – which form an intricate network. Each filament type ...
    • Wetting dynamics on soft surfaces 

      Jeon, Hansol (2023-03-01)
      Dynamic wetting of a liquid deposited on a soft solid is very common in many biological, medical, and industrial processes. Thus, understanding the interaction between a moving liquid drop and a soft surface remains crucial, ...
    • Advanced multiplexing techniques in single molecule localisation microscopy 

      Oleksiievets, Nazar (2022-05-13)
      DNA point accumulation for imaging in nanoscale topography (DNA-PAINT) is a powerful super-resolution technique highly suitable for multi-target (multiplexing) bio-imaging applications. However, multiplexed imaging of cells ...
    • Low-dose, high-throughput scanning small-angle X-ray scattering of adherent mouse embryonic fibroblasts 

      Cassini, Chiara (2022-02-24)
      Biological cells are highly variable: differences in e. g. gene expression emerge even among monoclonal cells in the same culture dish. The characterization of a highly variable statistical population calls for high-throughput ...
    • Fast, Three-Dimensional Fluorescence Imaging of Living Cells 

      Jang, Hongje (2022-01-21)
      This thesis focuses on multi-plane fluorescence microscopy for fast live-cell imaging. To improve the performance of multi-plane microscopy, I developed new image analysis methods. I used these methods to measure and analyze ...