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    • Dynamics and Self-organization of Crowded Active Systems 

      Abbaspour, Leila (2022-10-20)
      The perplexing and intriguing world of biological systems has inaugurated a new research field in statistical physics: out-of-equilibrium systems, known as active matter that mimic systems in the biological world around ...
    • Mechanics & Dynamics of the Primary Cilium 

      Battle, Christopher (2013-09-09)
      Recent studies have shown that the primary cilium, long thought to be a vestigial organelle with no function, is involved in a multitude of sensory functions. One example, interesting from both biophysical and medical ...
    • Phase Behavior of Liquid Crystals in Confinement 

      Fish, Jonathan (2012-01-12)
      We use computer simulations to investigate the isotropic-to-nematic phase transition of liquid crystals. Using the Lebwohl-Lasher model with sophisticated algorithms, the phase transition ...