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    • Experimental investigation of a sheared thermally unstable boundary layer 

      Nunnari, Giuseppe Gabriele (2021-07-02)
      In many natural and industrial systems, heat is transported by mixed convection, where an externally driven flow causes advection of the temperature field in addition to the fluid motion due to buoyancy of differentially ...
    • Measurements of Turbulence at High Reynolds Numbers 

      Küchler, Christian (2021-03-18)
      The effective description and fundamental understanding of turbulent flows remains elusive to modern physics despite centuries of research and its great importance in numerous fields. The theoretical difficulties of the ...
    • Effective Description of Superstructures in Turbulent Convection 

      Green, Gerrit (2021-03-04)
      This thesis is dedicated to the study of turbulent superstructures in Rayleigh-Bénard convection. Turbulent superstructures are horizontally extended large-scale flow patterns that emerge despite the presence of strong ...
    • Ballistic electron transport in graphene nanodevices and billiards 

      Datseris, George (2019-10-17)
      Nanodevices are objects with broad relevance for today's society, which bases its economy, operation, and communication onto digital resources. In ballistic nanodevices, disorder has either negligible or minor impact on ...