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    • Data Analysis of Musical Timeseries 

      Nelias, Corentin (2024-01-08)
      Music, despite its ubiquitous familiarity, is surprisingly hard to define. Should one consider its acoustic features, the mechanics by which it is produced and performed, as well as the cultural norms attached to them, ...
    • Cloud Microphysics Investigations with the Cloudkite Laboratory 

      Schröder, Marcel (2023-04-14)
      Clouds are crucial to the Earth’s radiation budget and energy balance. Inadequately resolved cloud processes are a major source of uncertainty in weather forecasts and climate prediction. Due to their turbulent nature, ...
    • Thermal Convection: Differential heating, travelling thermal waves and turbulent superstructures 

      Reiter, Philipp (2022-05-30)
      Turbulent thermal convection is ubiquitous in geophysical, astrophysical, and industrial applications. In the present work, various phenomena in the convective paradigm systems of horizontal convection and Rayleigh-Bénard ...