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    • Dynamical remodeling of visual circuit architecture 

      Wu, Wenqi (2023-06-14)
      Visual cortex, as a model for plasticity, has been studied for many years. It is still controversial, however which mechanisms guide the emergence and development of a hallmark of the cortical functional architecture, ...
    • Criticality and sampling in neural networks 

      Pinheiro Neto, Joao (2021-02-25)
      The brain is made of billions of functional units that interact and give raise to its collective properties. The criticality hypothesis states that many these properties emerge due to brain dynamics operating at the critical ...
    • Anomalous Diffusion in Ecology 

      Lukovic, Mirko (2015-01-14)
      As measurement techniques improve and increasingly sophisticated analysis methods are more common, biology becomes subject to the wide range of treatments coming from physics. In this thesis, we consider a specific ...
    • Modeling the biophysical mechanisms of sound encoding at inner hair cell ribbon synapses 

      Chapochnikov, Nikolai (2012-11-28)
      A key stage in auditory encoding is the transformation of the analog and continuous electrical signal at inner hair cells (IHCs) into the discrete spike timings in auditory nerve fibers (ANFs). In this work, using modeling, ...
    • Bursting dynamics and topological structure of in vitro neuronal networks 

      Stetter, Frank Olav (2012-11-15)
      The complex relationship between network structure and dynamics is investigated in neuronal networks in vitro. The most prominent dynamics in these cultured networks is synchronous bursting. As the onset of these bursts ...