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    • Data intensive ATLAS workflows in the Cloud 

      Rzehorz, Gerhard Ferdinand (2018-06-06)
      Large physics experiments, such as ATLAS, have participating physicists and institutes all over the Globe. Nowadays, physics analyses are performed on data that is stored thousands of kilometres away. This is possible due ...
    • HappyFace as a monitoring tool for the ATLAS experiment 

      Musheghyan, Haykuhi (2016-10-24)
      The importance of monitoring on HEP grid computing systems is growing due to a significant increase in their complexity. Computer scientists and administrators have been studying and building effective ways to gather ...
    • Monitoring and Optimization of ATLAS Tier 2 Center GoeGrid 

      Magradze, Erekle (2016-02-26)
      The demand on computational and storage resources is growing along with the amount of infor- mation that needs to be processed and preserved. In order to ease the provisioning of the digital services to the growing number ...