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Before you start with the publication of your work, make sure that the following conditions are satisfied:

  • You took note of the relevant dissertation regulations.
  • Two printed versions of your work are available.
  • For doctoral candidates of medicine only: Your invitation to the oral examination has already been issued.


Two printed bound copies and an electronic version (PDF file) of your work must be delivered to the Göttingen SUB. The PDF version has to consist of one file (rather than multiple, individual files), which meet the following criteria: The file

  • is provided with navigation elements, i.e. with bookmarks or with a hyperlinked table of contents,
  • is optimized for “Fast Web View",
  • is not protected by any security settings.

The printed copies and the electronic version of your work should be identical.
Please do not include a signed "affidavit" in your PDF.
The printed version has to include your curriculum vitae (CV). You may omit the CV in the electronic thesis.
These are the only permissable differences between printed and electronic version.

Cumulative Theses

The dissemination and acceptance of this form of the thesis varies from faculty to faculty. Please read your dissertation regulations carefully and, if necessary, consult your examination board.

In a cumulative thesis several separate articles for journals or anthologies are combined into a dissertation. If some of them are already published, please check the rights situation with the respective publisher (quite a few publishers offer their own licensing service, e.g. THIEME). If you gave exclusive user rights to a publisher, you may not be allowed to embed the text of the relevant article in your electronic dissertation.

The following links may be helpful for checking the rights situation:
Sherpa/Romeo, an online database, which lists and analyses the open access policies of various publishing houses.
Copyright Clearance Center To our knowledge this American company offers to identify publishing rights to doctoral candidates for free.
If you need to contact a publisher yourself this short draft (PDF-in German) might be of some help.

Once again we would like to emphasize that each doctoral candidate himself is responsible for settling the publishing rights situation before handing in the electronic dissertation..

Both versions (PDF file and printed copy) will contain

  • Cover,
  • Table of contents,
  • Introduction,
  • Disussion with summary of results (Synopsis),
  • All published articles / articles that have been handed in.
  • The printed copies will include all published, submitted or other related articles. Already published articles should please be included as an imprint of the publisher's PDF file. It is important that each article has an accurate source attribution.
    An overview of all included, possibly already published articles, is also required.
  • In the PDF file please add permanent and unique URLs to all the articles already published. These could consist, for example, of the Digital Object Identifier (DOI) for your article.

The publication process

Convert your dissertation into a PDF file

Click here to a guide to convert your electronic thesis into one PDF File (rather than multiple, individual files)

  • with bookmarks or a hyperlinked table of contents,
  • optimized for “Fast Web View",
  • without security restrictions.

The absence of security restrictions is required for the following reasons

  • As an open access publication server eDiss guarantees its users that they can read the found documents and print them for private use. Document encryption or print restrictions of the document would prevent this.
  • In order to include your thesis in our full-text search we must be able to extract its text.
  • In the course of the archiving, it may be necessary to convert your document into other formats.
  • For the report to the German National Library the document may not have any security restrictions.

Register and log in to eDiss

For the initial registration, please click on “Register" in the right upper box at the top of the page.
A form will appear requesting your email address. After completing and submitting the form, you will receive a message with a link to your future user profile. Now please enter here your name and telephone number. You may also specify the language in which you want to recieve notifications from us.

This procedure ensures that no unknown person can register your name on eDiss without your knowledge. Immediately after registering, you are logged in.

To log in to eDiss, just click “Login" in the upper right box in the top of the page and enter your email address in the form that appears. After submitting the form, you will be logged in.

As an authenticated user, you have the option to publish on eDiss, resume interrupted publications or (in your user profile) subscribe to automatic notification via email on new releases in individual collections.

For security reasons, we recommend that you log out (not just close the browser) at the end of your session. To do this click on your name in the upper right box in the page header. A menu will pop up with a “Logout" option.

Start the online publication process

There are two options for starting this process on eDiss:

  1. Click “Publish Now" in the main menu at the top left. You will see a drop down menu with the list of all eDiss collections. Please select the one in which you want to publish your work.
  2. Alternatively, you can first select a collection in the menu on the left by clicking “Communities & Collections". Then click on “Publish here" and you will start directly with the first step in the upload.

PLEASE NOTE: With two exceptions, the collections correspond to the faculties of the University of Göttingen. The Philosophical and Social Science faculties are so large and heterogeneous that we had to split them into additional collections. If you start a publication in one of these areas, please look first at these collections to determine in which collection your work belongs.

PLEASE NOTE: As long as the publication process is not completed, you can return at any time to a previous step and change both the input data and your documents. After completing the process no further changes are possible to your publication!
In exceptional cases, you may contact us with reasonable requests for changes to an already published dissertation.

1. Document upload

To upload your document a form is displayed. Here you can use the “Browse" button to choose your document on your computer and click on “Upload File" to upload the file.

You can upload multiple documents (in any format) one after the other. This is useful for example if you want to complete your dissertation with additional charts, tables, survey results, laboratory data, etc., based on your work. Publishing your work in various formats, for example additionally as an ebook, is conceivable as well.

PLEASE NOTE: The first uploaded file has to be your thesis as PDF. Only then will eDiss accept files in other formats.

The first PDF file uploaded will be automatically checked to ensure the document meets our requirements. This process can take some time to complete depending on file size. Please do not interrupt this process.

Following this the results of the assessment are shown. If one of the requirements has not been met, your document will be rejected. In this case please interrupt the publication process by clicking on "Save and continue later", correct your PDF file and then return to the publication process.
Once your PDF document is accepted, you can upload additional files or go to the next step with the "Next"-button.

When uploading your first PDF file, some metadata such as title, author and keywords saved with the file will also be displayed. These data are used for example by Google to help calculate the rank of your document in a web search. Since this data is not used by eDiss, you are free to decide whether to apply corrections here. To change your data, first interrupt the publication process and save your data. Then delete the uploaded document by clicking the check mark next to the file name and clicking the "Remove Selected" button. Now you can correct the metadata in your document and resume the publication process.

2. Describe your document

In this step you are asked to provide additional information about your doctoral thesis. First some personal information (date of birth and your address) is required. The birth date is necessary to identify your person.
All personal information, along with your email address will be treated confidentially and will not be visible to other eDiss users.

Additional fields on the form are used to describe your work. Please enter the required data (title, subtitle, summary, etc.). Title, keywords and abstract must be available in English. If your thesis is written in a different language, you will be asked to provide English translations for these particulars.

The last field, "Message to the editors" is optional and gives you the option to leave a message for the editors. For example, you can make a special request to delay the publication of your thesis. The content of this field is evaluated by our editors and not made public.
Mandatory fields are marked with "*". You can only turn to the next step once all the mandatory fields are filled in.

3. Check the Document description

Here you will see all the information collected in the previous steps together with a possibility for making corrections. Please read over the data you entered carefully and any necessary corrections.

4. Accept the publication contract

To publish your thesis on eDiss, you must accept the terms of our contract. In this contract you agree, among other terms of use that eDiss users are allowed to download, save, and print your document. The full agreement can be viewed here.
Download contract as PDF

PLEASE NOTE: We wish to alert you once again at this point, that no changes to your publication are possible upon completion of the online publication process.

Deliver two printed version of your work to us in the SUB

The printed version of your work must be identical with your electronic dissertation. Your curriculum vitae (CV) must be included in the print version. You may omit your CV in your electronic dissertation. This is the only permissable difference between the printed and electronic version.

PLEASE NOTE: Doctoral candidates of medicine provide us with a copy of the invitation to the oral examination together with the printed versions of the dissertation.

You can send us the printed copies by mail or bring them to us personally during our opening hours.

Central Library

Platz der Göttinger Sieben 1

eDiss Office
Room 2.17 (2nd floor left at the LRC)
Mon, Wed – Fri 10:00 – 12:00 h, Tue 12:00 - 14:00 h and on appointment
Tel.: +49 551 39-7809

If you do not require personal advice or an immediate confirmation of receipt, you can also deliver your printed copies at the reception desk (“Empfangstheke") in the central library lobby:

Mon – Fri 8:00 – 24:00 h
Sat – Sun 9:00 – 22:00 h

Medical Library

Doctoral candidates of medicine only

Robert-Koch-Str. 40

Information desk Mon – Fri 7:00 – 24:00 h
Sat - Sun 8:00 – 22:00 h
Holidays 10:00 – 20:00 h
Tel.: +49 551 39-8395

You need to sign a form containing your name and the title of your work which will be included in the publication.

Postal address:

  • SUB Göttingen
  • Zentralbibliothek - eDiss
  • Platz der Göttinger Sieben 1
  • 37073 Göttingen

Done! Your publication will be activated by our editors.

As soon as the printed versions of your work reach us, the editor checks your electronic publication and unlocks them. From this moment your dissertation will be visible to the public and you will be informed of its release in an email.
In some cases (if, for example the PDF file contains a malformed contents), it is possible that the editor will reject a publication. In this case, you will receive an email with the reason for the refusal.

If you have sent us the printed copies of your work by regular mail, we forward the confirmation form of the publication directly to the responsible examination office.
You need this along with your "Revisionsschein", to be able to pick up your certificate at the office.

PLEASE NOTE: A delay of the publication of your electronic dissertation on eDiss is usually not possible. This would violate the doctoral regulations. Only in very exceptional cases (for example, during pending legal process on patents) is it possible, by special request, to delay the publication.

Interrupting the online publication process

You can interrupt the online publication process at any time with the button “Save and continue later". You then have the option to save your current information in order to continue with it later or to delete the incomplete publication.

Resuming an interrupted publication process

Authenticated users will see an option for “Submissions" in the menu on the left. By clicking on “Submissions" you will receive a list of all publications you ever made, and may then select the publication on which you wish to continue working. You will be restarted at the first step of the online publication process.

To navigate inside the online publication process please use the navigation bar directly on the forms labeled with each step. When using the browser's forward and backward-button we can not guarantee error-free operation.

My publication was rejected

This can happen in two places

  1. Your document was not uploaded in the "Document upload" stage of the online publication process. Click here to see what to do!
  2. After completing the online publishing process the editors refuse your publication. In this case, you will get a message from the editors with the exact reason for the refusal.

If corrections on your PDF document are required, please carry these out first. Then you can resume and finish the online publication process with the corrected document. If the publication was rejected on the basis of descriptive data, you can immediately turn back to the publishing process again and correct this information. This is identical to the procedure used to resume an interrupted publication.

PLEASE NOTE: Your uploaded document(s) and all previously provided data are saved in the online publication process. You will not need to enter your data twice. However, it is necesssary for you to accept our contract after every correction. Following this your publication will again be available to our editors for activation.