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Kraft- und Drehmomentabgabe thermoplastisch geformter Schienen bei Rotationsbewegung eines Unterkieferfrontzahnes

dc.contributor.advisorHahn, Wolfram PD Dr.
dc.contributor.authorGruber, Gesa
dc.titleKraft- und Drehmomentabgabe thermoplastisch geformter Schienen bei Rotationsbewegung eines Unterkieferfrontzahnesde
dc.title.translatedForces and moments generated by thermoplastic appliances during rotation of a lower lateral incisorde
dc.contributor.refereeMeyer-Marcotty, Philipp Franz Prof. Dr.
dc.description.abstractengForces and moments generated by thermoplastic appliances during rotation of a lower lateral incisor Removable thermoplastic aligners are used among many different orthodontic appliances to correct tooth displacement. The range of indications for orthodontic treatment with aligners is limited. However, clinical studies have demonstrated that the rotation of incisors, which was investigated in the present study, can be carried out successfully using thermoplastic aligners. Irrespective of the type of appliance for an ideal orthodontic therapy, forces should be applied to maximise tooth movement and minimise tissue damage. Therefore, the knowledge of strength delivery is inevitable. The present study aimed to measure initial forces (Fz) and moments (Tz) delivered by thermoplastic appliances from four different materials (Biolon®, Erkodur®, Ideal Clear®, Ideal Comfort®) acting on a lower lateral incisor during rotation around its central axis. The appearance of intrusive forces (Fz) has always been observed beside the intended forces for orthodontic tooth rotation. The Forces (Fz) and moments (Tz) were investigated under the influence of deflection in clockwise (- 0,157 mm and - 0,360 mm) and anticlockwise (0,157 mm and 0,360 mm) direction. The study ́s key results can be summarised as follows: Both Fz and Tz values were generally higher than the ideal force recommended for orthodontic treatment in dental literature. Biolon® delivered the highest values for Fz and Tz. The Tz values for anticlockwise rotation were higher than for clockwise
dc.contributor.coRefereeSchön, Margarete Prof. Dr.
dc.subject.gerthermoplastisch geformte Schienende
dc.subject.gerintrusive Kräftede
dc.subject.engthermoplastic appliancesde
dc.affiliation.instituteMedizinische Fakultätde
dc.subject.gokfullMedizin (PPN619874732)de
dc.subject.gokfullZahn-, Mund- und Kieferheilkunde - Allgemein- und Gesamtdarstellungen (PPN619876360)de

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