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    • Hydrodynamics of Ciliary Systems 

      Hickey, David James (2023-08-15)
      The interactions of cilia with one another and their environment are central to many important questions in biology. These hairlike organelles are found in motile and immotile (or `primary') variants, and have a variety ...
    • Self-Organization in Catalytically Active Mixtures 

      Ouazan-Reboul, Vincent (2023-08-14)
      Living systems are intrinsically out of equilibrium, which makes their physical description challenging. This has led to the emergence, over the past thirty years, of a new field of physics, active matter, which studies ...
    • Optimal navigation in active matter 

      Piro, Lorenzo (2023-07-11)
      Motile active matter systems are composed of a collection of agents, each of which extracts energy from the surrounding environment in order to convert it into self-driven motion. At the microscopic scale, however, directed ...