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    • Arrhythmia termination using Global Optogenetic Stimulation in ChR2 mice hearts 

      Quinonez Uribe, Raul Alejandro (2021-03-04)
      Cardiac arrhythmias represent a health threat worldwide that can end in sudden death. Treatments which include electrical shocks, anti-arrhythmic drugs and ablation show various disadvantages such as discomfort for the ...
    • On Control of the Excitable Dynamics in the Heart 

      tom Wörden, Henrik (2019-11-19)
      Ventricular fibrillation, a frequent cause of death, is a heart condition associated with complex patterns of electric activity on the heart surface. In spite of a century of research many aspects of how ventricular ...
    • Influence of Heterogeneities on Waves of Excitation in the Heart 

      Baig-Meininghaus, Tariq (2018-08-27)
      In this document the interplay of a single large heterogeneity in cardiac tissue and the excitation dynamics associated with ventricuar tachycardia is investigated. Methods from non-linear dynamics are used to investigate ...
    • Intramural Visualization of Scroll Waves in the Heart 

      Christoph, Jan (2015-10-09)
      Despite extensive research, the fundamental biophysical mechanisms underlying severe heart rhythm disorders such as ventricular fibrillation remain poorly understood. Ventricular fibrillation is an acute and highly lethal ...
    • NaV1.5 Modulation: From Ionic Channels to Cardiac Conduction and Substrate Heterogeneity 

      Raad, Nour (2014-03-31)
      The work presented in this thesis is centered on characterizing macroscopic electrophysiological instabilities observed at the tissue level that emanate from perturbations affecting essentially the NaV1.5 channel in the ...
    • Complex Structure and Dynamics of the Heart 

      Bittihn, Philip (2013-10-02)
      Excitable media are a class of spatially extended biological and chemical systems, which display a characteristic type of pattern formation by supporting the propagation of nonlinear excitation waves. In the heart, plane ...