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    • Structural interrogation of enzyme mechanism and dynamics 

      Mehr, Alexander (2023-05-05)
      The pyruvate dehydrogenase complex (PDHc) is one of the largest macromolecular enzyme complexes, and serves an universally important metabolic function by converting pyruvate into acetyl-CoA. Therefore, the PDHc connects ...
    • Reaction mechanism of hOMPD and CaAAD at atomic resolution 

      Rindfleisch, Sören (2019-12-12)
      Decarboxylation reactions are fundamental processes in the chemistry of the animated world. Thus, the evolution of decarboxylases brought up a stunning array of diverse enzymes utilizing a variety of different mechanisms ...
    • Phosphoketolase - A mechanistic update 

      Libuda, Fabienne (2018-08-22)
      The thiamine diphosphate (ThDP)-dependent enzyme phosphoketolase catalyzes the phosphorolytic cleavage of fructose-6-phosphate and/or xylulose 5-phosphate under the generation of the high-energy metabolite acetyl phosphate, ...