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    • Characterizing the RanGAP1-RanBP2 complex in mitosis 

      Flotho, Annette (2009-03-18)
      The RanGAP1-RanBP2 complex represents a fascinating macromolecular assembly comprising at least two enzymatic activities. On one hand, it harbors the GTP hydrolysis activating function of ...
    • SUMOylierung von NFYA 

      Lampe, Tina (2009-02-13)
      Reversible post-translational modification with SUMO (small ubiquitin-related modifier) is an important mechanism to regulate the function, activity or localization of target proteins. ...
    • Untersuchungen zur Funktion des RanGAP1 Proteins 

      Kiendl, Florian Josef Werner (2007-08-07)
      Beyond its main function in nucleocytoplasmic transport the RanGTPase cycle has been implicated in the regulation of various aspects of mitotic progression. The RanGTPase activating protein ...