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    • Epic Television – Music and Sound in Ramayan and Mahabharat 

      Lesniak, Britta (2018-12-14)
      This dissertation explores the music and sounds of the two Hindi TV-serials Ramayan and Mahabharat, which were broadcast between 1987 and 1990 on India’s then-only state-run television channel Doordarshan. Led by the ...
    • Listening Out for Sangīt Encounters 

      van Straaten, Eva-Maria Alexandra (2018-03-02)
      In this book, I explore frictions over musical details as indicative of a field of tension between musical knowledge and power that is thoroughly intertwined with its academic study. To do justice to this complexity, in ...
    • The Sonorous Spectacle 

      Granger, Charissa Arlette (2018-01-30)
      The Sonorous Spectacle World Music Performance Practices as Discourse aims to situate contemporary world music performance practice as a sonorous spectacle. It does so in order to shed light on the power relations involved ...