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    • Raumsemantik in deutschsprachigen Liebesromanen des 21. Jahrhunderts 

      Schwaner, Astrid (2022-01-31)
      Narrated spaces in literary texts are a central factor in the construction of reality and can fulfil other literary functions: For example, they can characterise characters, motivate actions or express discourse positions. ...
    • Zwischen Interaktion und Narration: 

      Matuszkiewicz, Kai (2018-07-20)
      Since the beginning of the Digital Game Studies in the 1980’s, the relationship between interactive and narrative elements of hybrid digital games has been an important issue. Are digital games texts, stories, simulations ...
    • Von der Wirkung zur Wertung 

      Rahmann, Kathrin (2018-06-12)
      The study explores the role and importance of aesthetic literary values in the jury discussions of the Ingeborg-Bachmann-Prize. Aesthetic value is a topic of considerable controversy in contemporary literary theory. The ...
    • "Ich dichte in die wüste Zeit" - Ich-Konstruktionen in der Lyrik der deutschsprachiger Schriftsteller_innen Israels 

      Poppe, Judith (2016-02-01)
      This study examines a subject that has been disregarded in literary history, namely Israeli literature written in the German language. Two authors, Jenny Aloni and Netti Boleslav, as well as their poetry, are used as ...