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    • Opening the Black Box 

      Dai, Lianghao (2020-06-05)
      This doctoral dissertation teases out how scientific knowledge in interdisciplinary collaborative teams is learned, shared and integrated in scientists' minds and in their daily interpersonal communications. This work is ...
    • Heuristische Entscheidungen in Gruppen bei der Personalauswahl 

      Auer, Anne-Kathrin (2016-03-23)
      Heuristics are usually discussed as an individual phenomenon, but this raises the question of whether heuristics may also be applied at a collective level. The paper examines this heuristic decision making at a group ...
    • Die Bedeutung des sozialen Einflusses für selbstbezogene Markenfunktionen 

      Quante, Tanja (2009-11-05)
      The starting point of this work is the deficit in brand research in social perspective implied by buying brand acquisitions. Models of consumer choice should be extended to include the ...
    • Qualitätsmanagement in der Jugend- und Sozialhilfe 

      Gerull, Klaus-Peter (2005-08-15)
      The study deals with the context, multidisciplinary connections, organization, acceptance and benefit assessment of quality management in social services and especially examines the tool ...