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    • Mathematics of Biomolecular Structure Experiments 

      Wiechers, Henrik (2023-09-29)
      One of the main objectives of structural biology is to understand the complicated three-dimensional structure of biomolecules, and thus provide meaningful links between structure and functionality. There is a wide range ...
    • Phylogenetic Forest Spaces 

      Lueg, Jonas (2023-01-10)
      Given a fixed set of operational taxonomic units (OTUs), when studying their evolutionary relationships among each other, a common way of depicting those is to construct a phylogenetic tree, a graph-theoretic tree with a ...
    • Characteristic and necessary minutiae in fingerprints 

      Wieditz, Johannes (2021-10-22)
      Fingerprints feature a ridge line pattern inducing an undirected orientation field (OF) which usually features some singularities. Ridges vary in width, inducing a moderately varying ridge frequency (RF). In fingerprint ...