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    • A discrete geometric view on shear-deformable shell models 

      Weischedel, Clarisse (2012-08-15)
      This thesis presents the construction of a geometrically nonlinear shear-deformable (Cosserat type) shell model by methods from discrete differential geometry (DDG). The model aims at applications in real-time simulations ...
    • A theory of discrete parametrized surfaces in R^3 

      Sageman-Furnas, Andrew O'Shea (2018-07-27)
      In discrete differential geometry (DDG) one considers objects from discrete geometry from a differential geometric perspective. Rather than focusing on approximations of the smooth theory, with error vanishing in the ...
    • Membrane locking in discrete shell theories 

      Quaglino, Alessio (2012-05-23)
      This work is concerned with the study of thin structures in Computational Mechanics. This field is particularly interesting, since together with traditional finite elements methods (FEM), the last years have seen the ...
    • Origami Cylinders 

      Bös, Friedrich (2018-05-02)
      Origami, the age-old art of folding intricate three-dimensional structures from flat material, has found numerous applications in e.g. the design of deployable structures and mechanical metamaterials.  This thesis ...
    • Persistence in discrete Morse theory 

      Bauer, Ulrich (2011-07-15)
      The goal of this thesis is to bring together two different theories about critical points of a scalar function and their relation to topology: Discrete Morse theory and Persistent homology. ...
    • Variational Convergence and Discrete Minimal Surfaces 

      Schumacher, Henrik (2015-11-05)
      This work is concerned with the convergence behavior of the solutions to parametric variational problems. An emphasis is put on sequences of variational problems that arise as discretizations of either infinite-dimensional ...