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    • Dynamics of soft interfaces in droplet-based microfluidics 

      Brosseau, Quentin (2014-04-30)
      This doctoral thesis presents the study of di erent dynamic processes occurring at the droplet interface, and the methods implemented for their study. The objective of this work is to unravel what are the important properties ...
    • Structure formation and dynamics in molecularly thin smectic liquid crystal films 

      Schulz, Benjamin (2013-08-05)
      This doctoral thesis presents a study of thin films of smectic liquid crystals. This class of material shows the property to form stable films of only a few molecules thickness both on substrates and freely suspended in ...
    • Nematic Liquid Crystals and Nematic Colloids in Microfluidic Environment 

      Sengupta, Anupam (2013-02-22)
      The doctoral thesis presented here is one of the first systematic attempts to unravel the wonderful world of liquid crystals within microfluidic confinements, typically channels with dimensions of tens of micrometers. The ...
    • Cell motility in microfluidic environments 

      Stellamanns, Eric (2012-02-17)
      Trypanosomes are single-celled bloodstream parasites and causative agents of African Sleeping Sickness in humans and Nagana disease in domestic livestock. The pathogen is transmitted by the ...