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    • Wetting dynamics on soft surfaces 

      Jeon, Hansol (2023-03-01)
      Dynamic wetting of a liquid deposited on a soft solid is very common in many biological, medical, and industrial processes. Thus, understanding the interaction between a moving liquid drop and a soft surface remains crucial, ...
    • Kinetics of structure formation in block copolymers 

      Ren, Yongzhi (2018-04-25)
      Block copolymers are amphiphilic macromolecules, which consist of multiple incompatible parts. Although block copolymers may differ in their microscopic interactions, their phase behaviors share many similarities. In ...
    • Dynamics of soft interfaces in droplet-based microfluidics 

      Brosseau, Quentin (2014-04-30)
      This doctoral thesis presents the study of di erent dynamic processes occurring at the droplet interface, and the methods implemented for their study. The objective of this work is to unravel what are the important properties ...