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    • Hedgehog signaling in cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma 

      Pyczek, Joanna (2018-01-24)
      Cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma (cSCC) is the second most common non-melanoma skin tumor in humans with increasing incidence. cSCC is a result of malignant transformation of epidermal cells with ultraviolet (UV) radiation ...
    • Improving Therapies of Rhabdomyosarcoma 

      Ridzewski, Rosalie (2016-01-08)
      Rhabdomyosarcoma (RMS) is the most common soft tissue sarcoma in children and occurs as two major subtypes; embryonal (ERMS) and alveolar RMS (ARMS). Therapies of RMS typically combine surgical excision or local irradiation ...
    • Role of RAS signaling in Hedgehog-associated embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma 

      Bauer, Julia (2019-01-17)
      Rhabdomyosarcoma (RMS) are the most common pediatric soft tissue sarcomas. RMS of the embryonal subtype (ERMS) are characterized by high expression of markers of an activated Hedgehog (HH) signaling cascade, i.e. they ...
    • Targeting the Hedgehog and PI3K/AKT/mTOR signaling pathways in rhabdomyosarcoma 

      Geyer, Natalie (2018-12-18)
      Rhabdomyosarcoma (RMS) is the most common pediatric soft tissue sarcoma with poor prognosis. RMS, and especially the embryonal subtype (ERMS), show activation of Hedgehog (HH) signaling. In patients with Gorlin syndrome, ...
    • The interaction between Hedgehog/Patched and Ras signaling in Rhabdomyosarcoma 

      Cuvelier, Nicole (2016-03-15)
      Rhabdomyosarcoma (RMS) is the most common soft tissue sarcoma in children. In children, the most common histological subtypes are embryonal RMS (ERMS) and alveolar RMS (ARMS). One feature of human RMS is aberrant Hedgehog ...