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    • Mechanisms underlying age-related decline in mammalian female fertility 

      Sharma, Ninadini (2024-03-05)
      Reproductive longevity is crucial for fertility and impacts healthy ageing. Unlike in men, fertility in women starts to decline several decades before other signs of ageing set in. Female fertility is restricted by a limited ...
    • Functions of cytoplasmic lattices in mammalian oocytes and embryos 

      Jentoft, Ida Marie Astad (2023-12-12)
      Preimplantation embryogenesis is dependent on maternally stored proteins, transcripts, and other macromolecules. Although this is a well-established dogma, it is unclear how mammalian oocytes store maternal factors needed ...
    • Investigating phase separation mechanisms for transcriptional control 

      Böhning, Marc (2020-11-13)
      Transcription of protein-coding genes by RNA polymerase (Pol) II is a highly coordinated process. In metazoan cells, transcription is regulated both at the initiation step by recruitment of the Pol II machinery as well as ...
    • Mechanisms of pronuclear migration in mammalian zygotes 

      Uraji, Julia (2019-08-30)
      In sexually reproducing species, life begins with the fusion of egg and sperm to form the one-cell embryo, called the zygote. Maternal and paternal DNA form the female and male pronuclei, and must migrate to each other to ...