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    • Intercellular Coordination in Epithelial Morphogenesis 

      Häring, Matthias (2022-07-26)
      During the development of an embryo, tissue rearrangements are driven by the precisely coordinated activity of thousands of cells. How this high degree of organization is achieved and regulated is one of the most important ...
    • Reverse-time inference of biological dynamics 

      Lenner, Nicolas (2020-10-27)
      In this work I derive a mathematical theory that allows to infer directional biological dynamics in reverse time starting from their target state. I use this approach to infer an effective model of cell junction shrinkage ...
    • Fast and Robust Multi-Dimensional Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging 

      Rosenzweig, Sebastian (2020-09-02)
      Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) has become an almost indispensable tool in hospitals worldwide as it provides significant and unique information for the assessment of various disease and injuries. However, MRI is an ...
    • Aberration correction in STED microscopy 

      van Dort, Joris (2019-11-21)
      In the last decade, superresolution microscopy techniques became a valuable tool to study sub-cellular structures with a resolution below the diffraction limit. The use of superresolution for brain research requires to ...
    • Advanced Image Deconvolution Techniques for Super-resolution Microscopy 

      Qin, Shun (2019-09-12)
      In last decades, super-resolution fluorescence microscopy has seen its great development. Many super-resolution techniques are developed: the non-linear super-resolution techniques such as STED, PALM/STROM have provided ...
    • Perturbation Growth and Prediction of Extreme Events 

      Sharafi, Nahal (2018-11-15)
      Extreme events occur in a variety of dynamical systems. Here we employ quantifiers of chaos to identify changes in the dynamical structure of complex systems preceding an extreme event.
    • A State Space Odyssey — The Multiplex Dynamics of Cardiac Arrhythmias 

      Lilienkamp, Thomas (2018-10-18)
      With three million people worldwide (three hundred thousand people in the United States alone) experiencing sudden cardiac arrest per year, it is one of the most common causes of death in developed countries. Ventricular ...
    • On the Speed of Neuronal Populations 

      Keith, Tūreiti (2017-10-10)
      This thesis presents novel results in the areas of closed loop electrophysiology and neuronal population coding. This work begins by presenting the first known attempt to control the spike rate of a neuron or neurons using ...
    • Oscillations in routing and chaos 

      Palmigiano, Agostina (2017-10-09)
      The human brain is one of the most complex structures known to mankind, and arguably the most elaborate biological system that ever evolved. Studying such complex machinery whose precision and efficiency we witness in the ...
    • Network Dynamics as an Inverse Problem 

      Casadiego Bastidas, Jose Luis (2016-12-16)
      In this thesis, we take a general view on the study of networks from inverse perspectives. By proposing a general representation for the dynamics of networks in terms of explicit dependencies among units, we develop new ...
    • Fluctuations and Oscillatory Instabilities of Intracellular Fiber networks 

      Negrete JR, Jose (2015-11-10)
      Biological systems with their complex biochemical networks are known to be intrinsically noisy. The interplay between noise and dynamical behavior is particularly relevant in the case of chemotactic amoeboid cells as their ...