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    • Aberration correction in STED microscopy 

      van Dort, Joris (2019-11-21)
      In the last decade, superresolution microscopy techniques became a valuable tool to study sub-cellular structures with a resolution below the diffraction limit. The use of superresolution for brain research requires to ...
    • Investigation of Vesicle Pool Dynamics at Activity Modulated Inner Hair Cell Ribbon Synapses 

      Chakrabarti, Rituparna (2018-01-18)
      The inner hair cell ribbon synapses are the relay stations of the auditory pathway, attuned to transmit acoustic information at rates of up to hundreds of Hz. Such indefatigable signal transmission demands ultrafast vesicle ...
    • Mitochondrial adaptation at the neuronal presynapse 

      Lange, Felix (2021-11-22)
      Synaptic transmission poses a major energy consuming process in the brain, but how neurons maintain a constant energy supply during extended synaptic activity and how presynaptic mitochondria contribute to the energy ...
    • Structure and Mechanics of Neuronal Model Systems 

      Vache, Marian (2019-11-15)
      Neurons of advanced animals need fast and efficient mechanisms to enable the functionality of a complex nervous system. In the life cycle of synaptic vesicles this is reflected in the endocytosis which generates new vesicles, ...