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    • Zur Rezeption des Spielfilms der Weimarer Republik in Südafrika 1928 - 1933 

      Eckardt, Michael (2007-08-14)
      This study of the reception of Weimar Republic cinema in South Africa examines the cause and effect of German films as part of South Africa s cinema programme in the period 1928 to 1933. In a first step, the historical ...
    • Die Politisierung der ethnischen Differenz 

      Dittmer, Stephanie (2004-06-16)
      The thesis examines processes of ethnic mobility under the conditions of the transition of former Soviet Republics, which are characterised by the existence of a large Russian minority ...
    • Publizistische Kontroversen über den Holocaust im Film. 

      Thiele, Martina (2001-05-09)
      After the transmission of the US-American series Holocaust in 1979 there was talk of a "caesura in the Germans dealing with their National Socialism". But the series Holocaust (Marvin Chomsky, USA 1978) does not represent ...