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    • Determinants of vocal usage in the genus Chlorocebus 

      Schad, Lukas (2023-08-04)
      The vocal communication of non-human primates has been the center of extensive research efforts that aimed to advance our understanding of the evolution of vocal communication and human speech. The alarm call system of the ...
    • Decision-Making During Ongoing Actions 

      Ulbrich, Philipp (2022-06-21)
      Contemporary theories of action-based decision-making suggest that making decisions between goods, and specifying the actions required to obtain these goods, are parallel and intertwined processes, which allows for highly ...
    • The reconstitution of visual cortical feature selectivity <i>in vitro</i> 

      Schottdorf, Manuel (2018-02-09)
      Information processing in the nervous system requires the co-ordinated activity of neurons interacting in complex circuits. Despite effort to understand the design principles underlying most neuronal circuits, they remain ...
    • Encoding, coordination, and decision making in the primate fronto-parietal grasping network 

      Dann, Benjamin (2017-09-22)
       The processes taking place in our brain allow us to flexibly interact with our surrounding based on our internal demands. This requires perceptual information processing up to the generation of movements taking place in ...
    • Attention shift and remapping across saccades 

      Yao, Tao (2017-03-15)
      Humans and monkeys make two to three saccades per second on average when they are awake, and they are able to keep track of relevant visual stimuli while making saccadic eye-movements to scan a visual scene. Since the ...
    • Modeling the biophysical mechanisms of sound encoding at inner hair cell ribbon synapses 

      Chapochnikov, Nikolai (2012-11-28)
      A key stage in auditory encoding is the transformation of the analog and continuous electrical signal at inner hair cells (IHCs) into the discrete spike timings in auditory nerve fibers (ANFs). In this work, using modeling, ...