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    • God Help the Girl 

      Jugo, Jamina Vesta (2022-08-31)
      This dissertation seeks to determine the policy stances of the Catholic Churches in Poland and the Philippines regarding the issue of prostitution. It endeavors to explain why these stances diverge, despite the two Churches ...
    • Deliberative Ideale im Kontext informeller Bürgerbeteiligung 

      Buck, Sebastian (2017-04-07)
      Deliberative participation arrangements are understood to fulfill three criteria: (1) they enable an effective involvement of citizens; (2) they take place in pre-conceived settings and thus do not occur spontaneously; (3) ...
    • Outside the Wire: Foucault's Ethics and the Canadian Military 

      Bondy, Harry Joseph (2012-09-24)
      Foucault believed an ethical person developed through “self forming activity” and the exercise of free will. Foucault’s theories on ethics and power-knowledge, however, can be viewed as a contradiction. The problem, say ...